As we begin a new program year this Ministry Sunday, God’s words echo in our ears. This year, Ministry Sunday will feel very different than previous years, so too will the 2020-2021 program year. It will be a new thing. We hope you will join us for a very special online worship service at 10:30am, featuring virtual appearances from parishioners serving once again as lectors, singers, etc. Additionally, our worship shifts from Morning Prayer to Holy Eucharist. Following worship, at 12pm we will host our annual Ministry Fair via Zoom. The day concludes with our in-person outdoor Evening Prayer service at 5:30pm. God is doing a new thing, don’t miss it!


Join us on Zoom from 12-1pm to hear from various ministry leaders about their plans for the 2020-2021 program year. The fair begins with a welcome from clergy, followed by the opportunity to enter breakout rooms with ministry leaders of your choice to learn about how their ministry is engaged in God’s mission during this unprecedented time and how you can get involved.  Connect online by logging into your Zoom account and entering the following Meeting ID: 8994913 8182 and Pass code: Grace.  For more information contact Linda Baily or Rev. Amanda.    

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