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Music plays an important role in the life of Grace Church

In addition to supporting weekly communal worship, our music program provides musical education for children and adults, and believes strongly in promoting diverse genres of sacred music.

The mission of the Grace Church Music Ministry is to enrich the worship experience through sacred music. Key to this task is the sharing of time and talent. The success of our ministry is due to the dedication of gifts, musical and non-musical, by its participants. Our Adult Choir consists of approximately 25 singers; over 50 children participate in offerings that range from early childhood music classes to advanced chorister training.

The Music of Grace Concert Series serves as a valuable outreach to our community, promoting concerts, recitals, and workshops for over twenty years.

Recognizing the integral role music has in our faith community, we:

  • acknowledge the beauty and validity¬†of a wide variety of musical styles.
  • embrace the discipline of training and practice, committing to the continued development of our talents;
  • seek to learn of God in a way that music uniquely affords.

Music Programs