Early Childhood Program

Early Childhood Program

The Grace Church program is different from other early childhood programs. While other music education schemes are enrichment programs and seldom teach children to read and count and understand musical material, Grace church children learn to read notes and understand complex rhythms using fun games and activities. There is singing and instrument playing, and basic piano keyboard knowledge and score reading are taught at every class.

The Grace Church early childhood program was developed by Danny Catalanotto, M.S.M., a leader in the field of early childhood music education. Mr. C, as the children call him, is not only a gifted teacher, but also a concert level pianist who believes that young children can learn and perform music on a high level with little stress in a fun and nurturing environment.

Music for 4 and 5 year olds
Pre-K and Kindergarteners

Our program for four and five year olds presents musical concepts in ways that very young children can understand and work with easily. Notes and rhythms are presented within games and fun exercises and then applied using pitched and rhythm instruments. The children quickly learn six notes on the staff and on the keyboard, as well as rhythms from whole notes through eighth notes and eighth rests. Our youngest children begin an association with the keyboard using their “floor keyboard” and xylophones. Proper vocal technique is taught, such as breath control, vowel shaping and correct vocal placement.

We sing, we dance around, we play games and our instruments, and our kids love their music class!

Music for 6 and 7 year olds
First Graders

Our first graders cover all of the basic note reading and rhythm reading as our younger children’s classes. We expand on all of the concepts and provide a generous amount of knowledge application for this age group. We call our ensemble of this age range the Chime Choir because our kids play a beautiful set of handchimes while actually reading their parts from a musical score.

Our Chimers build their keyboard knowledge and skill playing all of the notes and rhythms they have learned. We expand on their knowledge of vocal techniques for well controlled sounds and simply beautiful singing. The Chimers are just amazing young musicians!

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